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Day & Hour Planner – Write down a plan for tomorrow, for the next week or even a month ahead of time. From 8 AM to 9 PM in one hour increments, for every day of the year, you have a field to write down your plan, commit and give yourself a fantastic chance to be brilliantly productive. Days are marked with dates and the name of the day, to make planning as easy as possible

I’m Grateful for! – Invite positivity and optimism into your life by writing down what you are grateful for, for every day of 2021. No matter what life throws at you, there’s always something you will be thankful for. Writing it down helps you keep pessimism and negativity at bay

Birthdays & Anniversaries – No planner would be complete without a dedicated section for reminding yourself of important birthdays and anniversaries. Jot down those dates, to never miss wishing a loved one on their special day

Goal Tracker – Plans lead to goals and goals drive plans. Use the goal setting section to write down what you must accomplish, come what may, in 2021.

Brainstorming – Never forget another idea. Jot it down. Make it a goal. Act on it. A dedicated space for all the great ideas you keep coming up with

Sketches, Inspiration, Wish lists & More – Give life to your thoughts on pages dedicated for sketches. Write down your wish list, miscellaneous notes and read inspirational quotes that pep you up for when you feel down

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